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Clip it on and go! Keep track of every step you take all day long with this handy pedometer. The more you move, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to lose weight! Research shows that taking more than 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day speeds up your weight loss. Seeing your steps add up with the pedometer gives you the motivation to keep going! The built-in radio with ear buds makes it more fun. Claim your FREE radio pedometer today — watch the steps add up and the scale go down.

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Put an end to out-of-control cravings and to sabotaging your weight loss efforts when hunger hits. The secret is getting the right amount of fiber and protein so you take the weight off, keep it off, and feel fuller longer. That’s why you’re going to love Satisfying Slim-Down Recipes — yours FREE!

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Dry skin? Lips that lost luster? Unwanted hairs? Fine lines and creases? Hormonal changes and years of sun exposure can cause our youthful radiance to quietly vanish as we age. But with Look Your Best, you can look as amazing as you feel when you walk off the weight — from head to toe! Discover page- after-page of quick fixes as well as doctor-approved remedies for beautiful skin, hair, and makeup at every age.

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